Went on an outing with a group of friends to Birdling’s Flat for an astrophotography timelapse.

The End Result

Birdlings Flat Astrophotography
The Milky Way

The orientation of the Milky Way was perfect on that night. However, the moon was out so the Milky Way is not as visible.  Also would’ve liked to stay longer to get a slower pan. Still got a decent timelapse though, and it will be included in the project I’m working on.


Used a Cinetics Axis 360 Pro to get the panning effect. Left the slider in the car, and mounted the motor straight on my tripod. Would like to try it with a slider next time. System is motion controlled so just set and walk away!

Cinetics Axis360 Pro in a previous shoot
This was from a previous shoot. I used the same setup this time.

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