Although Nice didn’t impress me at first, the seafood and views of the riviera from this seaside town won me over!

French Riviera
French Riviera

Castle Ruins

Our first stop was the ruins of a castle at the top of a hill. Took the easy way up – an elevator through an old well shaft. Bit disappointed as most of the ruins was off limits and covered up. But the area offered great views of the French Riviera.


After a stroll along the waterfront, we discovered a hidden gem of a seafood restaurant called Chez Freddy. A three course meal was only €26. Really fresh and tasty mussels, great Bouillabaise (Fish Soup) and yummy desserts.


As the day was meant to be free and easy, we spent the afternoon shopping at Galeries Lafayette.

In the evening, we joined our tour group for dinner and visited a couple of bars to try some traditional cocktails.

Kir - Blackcurrant Liqueur and Champagne
Kir – Blackcurrant Liqueur and Champagne

Next stop: Florence, Italy.

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