This was more of a practice round for an upcoming sunrise shoot, which is happening a few weeks from now. Getting up for a sunrise timelapse is definitely a mission, as you really need to be there an hour before sunrise. Yes, that means waking up at 4am! Unfortunately, I arrived a little too late, and started shooting too late. Oh well, that’s what practice rounds are for!

Getting the Shot

This was quite a challenging shoot, due to the large difference in light levels. In the early hours, the light does not increase as fast. However, when the sun comes up over the hills, the highlights start to clip. Another lesson for next time, ramp exposure in smaller adjustments.

I used a slider configuration this time, set to travel entire length of slider. Found a burnt log, which I used in the foreground to accentuate the sliding effect. Camera was set to approx 30 second intervals.

Had to rescue camera 100 shots into sequence, as a wave nearly took it out.

The End Result

Taylor's Mistake Before Sunrise Sunrise
Taylor’s Mistake just before sunrise
Sunrise over Taylor's Mistake
Sunrise over Taylor’s Mistake

Quite pleased with the high contrast of the sandy area, caused by the sun, and I think I’ve ironed out my technique for the upcoming shoot. Now time for the real thing!

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